Massage Therapy

Professional Massage Therapy Available in Royal Oak, MI

Our team at Progressive Chiropractic helps you feel your best. We work in Royal Oak, MI, and have the expertise to help you be pain-free with our noninvasive techniques like massage therapy. We’ll give you treatments and advice that is specific to you so that you’ll be able to have your best health imaginable.

Why Get Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can do more than you may think. Our expert therapists will give you a personalized massage that will focus on painful areas of your body and help you improve your posture and stop any lower back or neck pains. Therapeutic massages like those we do in Royal Oak, MI, also can improve your blood circulation.

Progressive Chiropractic’s massage therapy is a good way to recover from an injury. It can work as physical therapy and promotes oxygen in your blood. Massages also help reduce any stiffness and encourage mobility. Massage therapy reduces stress which can help with injuries and just in everyday life. Our therapists in Royal Oak, MI, will help you determine what is best for your injury.

How Can You Benefit

At Progressive Chiropractic, our massage therapy helps you in everyday life, whether you have chronic pain or an injury. We’ll ensure that you’re comfortable through every step of the treatment, and we’ll discuss any issues or pains you have before we begin. During the massage, feel free to let your therapist know any feedback you have, and he or she will adjust accordingly.

Let our staff help you feel comfortable and relaxed with our massage therapy. We’re conveniently located in Royal Oak, MI. We offer our first-time patients a special on our one-hour massage, so it’s the perfect time to try it out. Call Progressive Chiropractic today at (248) 544-4095 to book your first appointment. 
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