Spinal Adjustment

Slipped Disc and Bulging Disc Treatment Services in Royal Oak, MI

Correcting Your Complaints

When you hear the word posture, you might immediately recall a childhood authority figure instructing you to “sit up straight.” Posture and proper spinal alignment are much more than just good table etiquette. Poor vertebrae positioning can cause back pain, disk injury and chronic headaches. Fortunately, there is an easy, non-invasive solution to your skeletal issues.

Our Spinal and Postural Screenings

Posture and spinal screenings are non-invasive, physical examinations that can reveal hidden problems that adversely affect your health. With just a simple, painless assessment, we can locate the source of your ailments in order to give them proper treatment.

The Examination Basics

Our specialist performs both a static and dynamic analysis to test how your body's structure functions while you're in motion or remaining still. We look for any indication that your spine is not properly aligned such as favoring one leg over the other, uneven shoulders or unusual head position.

Your Analysis Experience

You'll begin your screening by having a short conversation with our specialist about your medical history and current health concerns. We then perform a static postural analysis where we assess mobility and problem areas by evaluating joint rotation and pelvic tilt.

For the dynamic analysis portion of the examination, you will be asked to perform basic physical activities such as raising your arms above your head, standing on one leg and sitting on a chair. This allows our chiropractor to evaluate your range of motion and the way your body compensates for any skeletal misalignment.

Creating Custom Treatment

After your professional spinal screening, we will discuss the best treatment and methods to correct your medical complaints and alleviate your pain. Make an appointment for a postural analysis today and get a healing system that's personalized for you.
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